Zen Hustle Training

A FULL life does not have to mean a stressed life!

Learn the secrets behind Richa Badami's "Zen Hustle" approach to enjoying your life - instead of being weighed down by the pressure of "busy-ness."

Is it possible to perceive your pain as a portal to pleasure? Could it be, that your stress, worry and anxiety could be viewed in such way that without altering a single external factor, you might find peace?

I invite you to surrender your disbeliefs for just a few moments and consider this - you can tap in to your inherent, innate and boundless supply of power, presence and peace by simply practicing a pause.

In this teaching, in under an hour, you will learn a valuable and fundamental process for peace. It is simple, but profound nonetheless.

I hope that you will take this journey as I help you navigate to your very own portal to peace - your pause.

See you in the Zen Hustle Training!


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